Friday, February 17, 2012


Hello everyone.

My name is Stanley Schwartz, I'm a young and aspiring storyteller from the Land of Opportunity, and all-around geek. I have decided to use this blog as a means to introduce and share my stories with the world.

Simply put, I'm a role-player. I sat down with a friend one day to play a one-on-one game of Dungeons and Dragons as a Half-Elf Ranger in the Temple of Elemental Evil. I had known very little about role-playing games until that point, being mostly focused on video gaming, and my desire to become a programmer. But after I triumphantly looted the Temple, and gathered a modest amount of experience points, I knew that role-playing was the choice for me.

Contrary to public opinion, role-playing is hardly about Satanism, or witchcraft, or any of the other things that D&D was associated with during its early days. Role-playing is, in essence, a story game, or even simpler, a game of make-believe. The virtual freedom these games presented made me instantly attracted to them for all the right reasons.

I played a few more games after that, usually as my ever-favorite Half-Elf Ranger, Leafwood. But I eventually found that Sword-and-Sorcery Hack n Slash just wasn't doing it for me anymore. I needed something deeper.

During my time as an amateur role-player, I was also becoming immersed in the wonderful world of American Comic Books. The classic Superman movie and first two Spider-Man movie were also big favorites. But I had never made the connection that superheroes and RPGs could ever work together.

I did eventually learn that RPGs and superheroes had been going at it for quite some time, with massively popular Champions and Villains and Vigilantes sourcebooks being the pioneers, with Mutants and Masterminds being the main inspiration for my generation. Out of a desire to tell a story with the heroes I had read about since childhood, I decided to create my own superhero setting. The very title of this blog: Up, Up, and Away!

I freely admit it: this blog is pure publicity. I've created this blog to create interest in the privately owned setting that I hopefully plan to publish one day. As such, the blog will be organized into 'chapters' that will reflect the structure of the intended book. After the 'main' portion of the book is finished, the posts will go in no particular order, expanding upon the setting as I see fit, detailing the various characters, locales, and overall 'feel' of the world. There are also a set of basic 'rules' for the setting that I'll try to adhere to as much as possible.

And with that, enjoy the blog.

Some Guidelines for the World of Iconic Earth:

-the majority of the characters in the setting will be based on Marvel and DC superheroes, with a few others from Image and miscellaneous companies. Video game, literature, and other role-playing game-based characters can also exist.

-no fictional countries/cities/major figures, etc. This means no Gotham, Metropolis or Latveria. REAL WORLD locations and people, on the other hand, can easily fill any of these roles.

-mythological and/or public domain characters and concepts will be a pivotal part of the setting's world.

-the world of Iconic Earth is essentially our world (no fictional countries, no made-up politicians), except with all the conventions of four-color comic books (superpowers, magic, aliens, super-science, etc), and a certain dash of realism.

I may add more later.

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